Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anyone for laughter?

Laughter Movie

A few laughs a day are a welcome stress reliever! Add some joy to your day as well
as a boost to your health by taking a few minutes to watch this 3 minute movie,
"Laughter Is An Instant Vacation." The movie is a compilation of humorous quotes
and photography that will bring a smile to all.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Motivation from one of my favorites

This year start each day with a motivating thought to inspire you throughout your
day. Zig Ziglar is a legend when it comes to motivation and the Simple Truths gift
book and movie, Inspiration 365, is a compilation of Zig's favorite life quotes.
Take a few minutes to watch this movie and be inspired!

Monday, November 09, 2009

About those limiting beliefs...

"Winners do things different" - Dr. Phil.

I was recently introduced to a guy who changed my
perception of personal power and it didn't take
long to realize that this was a person who had
something very special to offer.

His words have helped heal 1,000s of people of
their limiting beliefs, and now it's your turn.

Brian Colbert is not only an NLP Master Trainer,
he is also an amazing Hypnotherapist and
Ireland's top Life and Business Coach.
Brian makes regular appearances on Irish
television where he has changed literally
1,000s of lives over the last 20 years, but
that's not enough for our Gaelic friend.
You see, Brian now wants to help YOU!

That's right! Brian Colbert is offering you
exclusive access to some incredible
secret tools for change and he
wants to give you some of these amazing secrets
right here and now, today, while it's fresh in
your mind and you are in the mood for lasting change.

Go now and watch Brian in action in this
incredible video and pick up an awesome free hypnosis audio.

Let's have a look at what you are going to get
this week:

YES - You will get access to the secrets of a
life worth living.

YES - Brian will send you some really cool free
stuff just for taking part in this project.

YES - There will be LIVE change work and you
could be the focus of Brian's personal coaching
and receive the secrets to unlocking your dream life.

YES - Many of these secrets have an instant
impact and create immediate results.

YES - You will receive life changing information
that will change your world forever.

YES, I want to take part NOW!

Let's finish 2009 with a bang and make sure the next
12 months are the best ever!

The best news? There are another 3 videos to come this
week! I want you to take part in this. It just might
change your world, but the first step is up to you :)

You won’t want to miss out on this…

You might want to drop what you’re doing and go check out this
video right now. Just click on the title to this post.

Literally tens of thousands of people have been rushing to watch
her complimentary videos just in the past seven days, and many of
them are reporting that they’re having breakthrough experiences in
just a few minutes using this process.

I knew that we all have blocks around money and attracting wealth
into our lives…but I’ve never quite seen a system like this before
that so effectively exposes your money issues on such a “big
picture” level.

Seriously, you should check this out…while she’s still giving it

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Even though this looks a little crazy…

What do you do after you’ve set the perfect intention…visualized
your ultimate dream life and put all the right attraction steps in

If you’ve ever worked with the Law of Attraction and then found
yourself running into a brick wall, you’re probably just forgetting
one simple step that could change everything for you.

Resistance and self-sabotage is a natural part of the attraction
process. But too many times, we simply attempt to use positive
affirmations and self-talk to overcome that feeling and raise our
attraction power.

It’s not enough.

I just learned about this lady named Margaret Lynch who has
pinpointed a process for fine-tuning your ability to target exactly
where you’re running into the blocks and barriers that hold you
back from achieving what you truly desire in your life.

This information is too good not to share with the world…and I want
to share it with you right now.

In this complimentary video, she’s going to reveal to you a
foolproof process that will have you blasting through your
resistance, like a hot knife through soft butter, in just a few

Honestly, I’m surprised she would even give this secret away for
free…but she has given us this gift...and here it is:

We’ve all been there -- seeing our best-laid plans crumble and fall
apart just as it seemed everything was coming together. And it’s a
challenge to understand why. It’s usually hard for you to
recognize where those resistant points are without a little help.

But help is on the way.

You deserve to have it all. And you can. But first, you have to
discover where that resistance lies for you and how to move past it
and crash through your barriers to success, money and attracting
what you want.

Margaret is going to introduce you to a process called “Tapping”
and show you how you can use it to laser-focus your goals and
intentions, while you learn to recognize EXACTLY what has stopped
you – up to now.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been stopped just short of
achieving what you really want, you owe it to yourself to check
this out right away. It’s only going to be available for a short
time, so you might want to do this now, while it’s fresh in your

I’d love to hear back from you about how this process worked for
you…I just learned about this and wanted to share it with you

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Innovation and Creativity

Creativity and innovation are key components to moving you and your team towards
their goals. The book, Paper Airplane, shares a story of creativity that reinforces
the importance of innovation for individuals and corporations.

In the wonderful story, Paper Airplane, you will be completely surprised at the
innovation and outside of the box thinking that is revealed. It is the perfect way
to jumpstart creativity with your own team which will increase your competitive
advantage. Enjoy this unique and inspiring movie!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Now Showing: "The Shift" with Dr. Wayne Dyer

Spiritual Cinema CircleDo you know what your life’s purpose is? Is your life right now filled with meaning and happiness?

Imagine watching a feature film that is entertaining (with big Hollywood stars in it), and shows you the way to discovering your life’s purpose! The movie is called The Shift, and it stars Dr. Wayne Dyer and Portia DeRossi.

Through this inspiring film, you’ll:
• Discover how to fulfill your destiny and to live your life on purpose
• Learn how to recognize a “quantum moment”
• Understand the different ways men and women make the shift

Thanks to our friends at Spiritual Cinema Circle, you can receive The Shift (plus several great short films and an exclusive interview with Gary Renard) for FREE by signing up for a free trial (you pay a small shipping fee). The movies are yours to keep and cancel anytime.

To see the trailers of the films and get your FREE* DVD, click here!

*$4.95 US shipping fee applies, $7.95 international.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why conflict is your best friend (gotta see video)

I just finished watching a video I think you'll

It's refreshingly different... and not your
typical hyped "Law of Attraction" stuff. Check
it out and see how a simple shift in the way you
see conflict can change EVERYTHING for you.

"How Can Conflict Get Me My Happy Ending?"

The video comes from Chris Cade, creator of
Inscribe Your Life. He's been using story as a
path for self-discovery and spiritual growth.
His unique approach has changed his life and
the lives of those he coaches.

I've never seen anyone approach personal
development quite like this and I have to say
its fascinating and exciting. We all love
stories! We relish getting lost in Shakespeare's
star-crossed lovers, George Lucas' galactic
battles, or the magic of Harry Potter.

What if we could use story to get ourselves from
where we are now to our own storybook ending...
the same way these magnificent authors get their
heroes to their happy endings?

Chris Cade Shows Us How.

Because stories work just like life does: they're
only satisfying when our hero encounters and trumps

Conflict is what makes a hero - what allows him
(or her) to discover who he is and what he's made
of. There's no happy ending without it.

You can use conflict to achieve YOUR storybook
ending as well! It's only when we run away from
it that it can defeat us.

Grab Your One Way Ticket to Success!

When you grab this Free Video you'll also receive
two additional bonuses.

Hope you enjoy them! I sure have.